Empowering your Camera Motion Control

CMOCOS is a completely new motion control system that empowers camera motion control to a new stage. The portable, lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium robot enables high speed operation and delivers high precision motion control at lowest costs. Suitable for studio and field use it works everywhere you need.

Efficient Workflow

Main Benefits

Powerful movement technology

7 axes - enabling all vertical and horizontal movements you can imagine. From one single point– without tracks. 14kgs lightweight system – easy to set up, handle and travel.

High performance – saves time and costs

Ready for shooting within minutes set up the system in astonishing speed and reducing adjusting times shot-for-shot to a minimum, CMOCOS saves you precious time and costs on set.

Additional Benefits

  • Replacing standard tripod heads
  • Handheld record and playback
  • Revolutionary new CMOCOS software control
  • Fully frame accurate at any speed
  • Interface to standard industry lens & camera control systems
  • Forward and backward CGI integration for leading 3d-packages
  • Notebook controlled
  • Full graphical move editing
  • Timecode, position and movement triggering
  • Full data import and export
  • Timelaps / stop-motion photography
  • Live action control
  • Adjustable handwheel gearing
  • Suitable for studios and fields
  • Two flightcase travel
  • Virtual studio support
  • Complex movement ability
  • Works with film and digital cameras


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1050 Vienna / AUSTRIA

0043 (0)676 305 18 80